Technical notes

On some shots a zoomed-in / close-up image can be seen by clicking on the orginal image. These shots are usually 100% size, meaning you are seen one pixel for each pixel on the camera.

Big images on this site, neg scanner example
smart dithering
VDU resolution
gamma / grey scale and ambient light
did you know almost all digital camera have quarter quarter half fish eye note
I am a fan of spline and michelle, not a fan of bi quad that adds noise or lancozos and make edge too hard.
Digit camera I have used for these image include Casio QV3500 3MP bought 2001, Casio QV4000 bought 2002 and Canon G3 4MP bought 2003. So of the older images ar scan of negatives, made with a Nikon Coolscan III. These images can often be identifed buy the noise/ gain they exhibit.